Core 2 – transformations

Today’s topic is one that a lot of students don’t like and find hard. There is a playlist of seven videos below.

  1. translations in the y axis
  2. translations in the x axis
  3. stretch in the y axis
  4. stretch in the x axis
  5. reflect in the x axis
  6. reflect in the y axis
  7. combined transformations

The best thing is to have a go at some questions and then if you are stuck only look at the video that relates to the question you are doing.

Try the questions below and then if you are still stuck after looking a the videos, post a question at the  New College Facebook Group.

January 2008 q8 a and b – answers here

 January 2012 q5a – answers here

This topic can get quite tricky and the questions here are not the hardest. As with all these posts the aim is to get you going revising but you need to be doing more than just what is here.