Core 1 – surds part 2

In this second daily revision post we look at rationalising a surd. If you missed surds part 1 then take a look first.  For all the AS Maths revision posts look here.

Try the exam questions and see how it goes. If you get stuck then look at the video. If you are still stuck and are a New College student then head over to our Facebook Support Group and someone there will be able to help!

June 2012 Question 1 – answer here

June 2009 Question 2 – answer here


Core 1 – surds part 1

This is the first in a series of posts to help our students revise for their AS Maths exams. This and the next post are already published so you can see what they are like. Starting on the first Monday of the holidays (Easter Monday) we will post once a day to give you something new to work on. The posts will cover most but not all the syllabus and will provide a good start for a revision plan. Today we start with simplifying surds.

Have a go at the two exam questions below. If you can do them easily then congratulate yourself and go on and revise something else. If you get stuck then watch the video below. If you are still stuck after that and you are a New College Student then post a question to our Facebook Maths Support Group and a helpful person will be able answer any question you have!

June 2008 Question 2 – answer here

Jan 2007 Question 3b – answer here