Core 1 – try a whole paper

We’ve finished Core 1 now so why not try a whole paper and see how you go. Have a go at the paper below and then watch the video answers to see how you did.

Core 1 June 2013


Core 1 and 2 – Differentiation to find stationary points

Again as yesterday Core 1 and Core 2 are the same except the Core 2 questions have more complicated powers of x. It’s worth noting again that we can’t cover everything in these posts. There are some questions on increasing and decreasing functions and some applications of stationary points that I’ve not covered here. You will need to look through past papers yourself to ensure you can do all the questions.

Core 1

June 2011 Question 3 – answer here

June 2012 Question 4 (much harder type) – answer here

Core 2

January 2008 Question 5a – answer here

Core 1 and 2 – Differentiation to find tangents and normals

Core 1 and Core 2 differentiation are very similar. The only real difference is that in Core 2, x can have negative and fractional powers. There are two videos and two questions below. One of each is a Core 1 questions and one of each is a Core 2 question.

Core 1

January 2012 Question 4 – answer here

Core 2

January 2013 Question 5a and b – answer here

Why wait for me…?

In this blog are a lot of links to revision pages written by other people. That way you can revise any topic you like without waiting for me to write the next blog. I’m going to take a break tomorrow so the next blog will by Monday morning.

AQA Website

All the past papers are available on the AQA website. Just select

mathematics, A level, mathematics (6360), all available series

You can then find any paper from any year with the markschemes.

Exam Solutions Website

This is a great website that has revision videos for almost every topic. Links to the AS pages are below

Core 1

Core 2

Statistics 1


This website has videos and practice questions for most topics of AS Maths. A good place to start is on his A level takeaway page.

FMSP Revision Videos

This page just has videos for Further Maths. Included in this is some Statistics 1 videos towards the bottom of the page.

Good YouTube channels

You can search these channels for any topics you are stuck on.

Jack Brown

Hegarty Maths



Core 1 – discriminant

Yesterday we looked at solving inequalities. This topic is often combined with use of the discriminant. The discriminant (D = b2 – 4ac) tells you how many roots a quadratic of the form ax2 + bx + c = 0 has.


D > 0, there are two distinct and real roots

D = 0, there is one repeated root

D < 0, there are no real roots


Watch the video below and then try the exam questions

January 2006 question 4 – answers here

June 2013 question 7 – answer here

Most question though are harder than this, take a look through some of these videos and then try the exam question below.

January 2013 Question 8 – answer here