Core 1 – try a whole paper

We’ve finished Core 1 now so why not try a whole paper and see how you go. Have a go at the paper below and then watch the video answers to see how you did.

Core 1 June 2013


Statistics 1 – Forwards Normal Distribution

The normal distribution is a really important topic. It is used in about half of the topics. Today we will just look at the basics. You will either need to know how to use the tables on page 24 of the formula book or how to use your calculator to find probabilities.

Even the most basic questions can get tricky. Below are a couple of videos to get you started. You will though need to look at past papers and do more than what is in this post.

June 2014 Question 2a – answer here

Simpler normal questions

(The AQA normal tables are differently laid out to the Edexcel ones used in this video but you should still obtain the same answers)

Core 1 and 2 – Differentiation to find stationary points

Again as yesterday Core 1 and Core 2 are the same except the Core 2 questions have more complicated powers of x. It’s worth noting again that we can’t cover everything in these posts. There are some questions on increasing and decreasing functions and some applications of stationary points that I’ve not covered here. You will need to look through past papers yourself to ensure you can do all the questions.

Core 1

June 2011 Question 3 – answer here

June 2012 Question 4 (much harder type) – answer here

Core 2

January 2008 Question 5a – answer here

Core 1 and 2 – Differentiation to find tangents and normals

Core 1 and Core 2 differentiation are very similar. The only real difference is that in Core 2, x can have negative and fractional powers. There are two videos and two questions below. One of each is a Core 1 questions and one of each is a Core 2 question.

Core 1

January 2012 Question 4 – answer here

Core 2

January 2013 Question 5a and b – answer here

Statistics 1 – Binomial Distribution 2

Yesterday we looked at calculating probabilities using the binomial formula and tables. You will also need to be able to calculate the mean and variance or the binomial distribution. These come from the formula book and don’t need to be learnt.


Practise the questions below, watching the video if needed.

January 2013 Question 3 – answer here

June 2010 Question 4 – answer here


Statistics 1 – Binomial Distribution

This topic is related to Core 2 binomial expansion in that both the topics use the nCr button on the calculator to generate the rows of Pascal’s triangle. Apart from that they  shouldn’t be confused.

You will need to be able to use the formula (in the formula book) and use the tables. Below are a couple of questions and three videos to help you.

June 2012 Question 6a – answer here

June 2011 Question 6 – answer here

Using the formula

Using the tables